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American football
American football

Being a combination of association football and rugby, American Football emerged in 19th century in the United States. The first set of rules was written in 1880 by Walter Camp, which introduced concepts of eleven-player teams and downs. Nowadays it’s especially popular in the United States and in Canada. With NFL and CFL organizing top-level events throughout the year, the fans of American football betting always have interesting options to place their money on with reasonable odds.

Popular Sport in USA and Canada

In terms of popularity American football is the first sport in the United States, with NFL being the most prestigious league with the highest following. After merging with their rival AFL, today NFL consists of two conferences – NFC and AFC, currently each of them includes 16 teams. During the regular season, which is held between September and December, each team participates in 16 games. Then top six teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, which are held in a single-elimination format, where the teams from NFC start in one part of the bracket, and the AFC teams start in the other. The playoffs stage ends with the Superball in February, where the best teams of each conference face each other. The sport is also very popular in Canada, with CFL being the most competitive league. It was found in 1958 and currently includes 9 teams, five of which belong to the West Division, and four teams being part of East Division.

American Football Betting with GG.Bet

Sports fans can take advantage of a wide selection of markets for American Football betting. Thus, newcomers to the world of American Football, as well as experienced fans, can find an option that would meet their needs and interests. Also, we offer games within multiple international and local events, tournaments, and championships.

The same is true for leagues. For example, you can bet on NFL games, explore American Football League events, wager on English Football League games, and more. GGBet allows you to enjoy all top events such as the Super Bowl, NFL championship games, The College Football Playoff National Championship, The Cotton Bowl Classic American Football Tournament, etc.

We cater to the needs of casual and more risky bettors. Thus, you can take advantage of the pre-match approach or choose to bet live with higher odds and more tempting potential wins. While enjoying live betting, you can watch games directly on the site thanks to the free broadcast option. You can make an informed decision with the detailed statistics we provide for each game.

How to Bet on American Football?

To get started with American Football betting, you must specify the game you are interested in and check the odds for both teams. Next, click on the team you would like to wager on and check the betting slip on the right side of the screen.

There, you can select the type of bet you would like to place (Single, Combo, or System) and specify the sum you want to use. Then, double-check all settings and click to submit the betslip. As soon as the game is over, you will get a notification about results via the internal message system and to your email.

While betting, you can use simple and prop bets. Moneyline is among the straightforward wagers where you need to predict the winner of a particular game. If you betting on American Football with a Handicap, you need to decide how many points the stronger team can potentially defeat the weaker team.

If you want to diversify your experience, you can try to predict the outcome by the end of specific periods (Betting on Quarters and Halves) or decide that one team will definitely win (Betting on No Draw). Also, we offer betting on Half Time/Full Time. This market usually comes with higher odds since it is considered a prop bet. The same is true for Overtime bets. In this case, you need to predict which team will win during the overtime period.

American Football Betting Odds Explanation

There are several types of odd formats you can switch between for better convenience. Among them are Malay, Hong Kong, Decimal, Indo, and US. Let’s check an example of how NFL betting odds work for the match between Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens (using Decimal format).

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 2,63;
  • Baltimore Ravens: 1,49.

In this case, to make American Football betting predictions, you need to make the following calculations: Implied Probability = 1 / Decimal Odds.

Thus, we have the following:

  • Baltimore Ravens: 1 / 1.49 ≈ 67.11%;
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 1 / 2.63 ≈ 37.97%.

To use odds properly and make a well-informed decision, you should first of all understand the odd type. If necessary, you can change the site's settings to switch between available formats. Next, explore teams’ previous performance, head-to-head records, and statistics.

Consider potential external factors and players’ injuries that may impact the match outcome. In the next step, you should calculate and compare the implied probability (like in the example above) for both teams. Finally, make a prediction.

NFL Online Betting with Ultimate Markets

The NFL is one of the most popular American football leagues available at GG.Bet. You may choose among multiple betting lines for the NFL events to make a prediction. Among them are Moneylines, Parlays, Futures, Teasers, Round Robin, and more.

While betting, you can predict the outcomes of a single event or add more matches to create a System or Combo bet slip. Depending on your skills and knowledge of this sport, feel free to select between pre-match and live betting options.

Wager on the Best with High Super Bowl Odds

Those who like watching and betting on NFL events do not miss the final championship, called the Super Bowl. This event is held annually and unites millions of fans worldwide. As a rule, there are great expectations about who will get the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which impacts the increased odds for games within the event. Along with competitive Super Bowl betting odds and multiple outcomes, you can explore detailed statistics and enjoy games in a live betting mode.

The Best NCAA (College Football) Betting Lines

If you are looking for the top NCAA betting markets, then you are in the right place. Visit our section with statistics to explore comprehensive info about head-to-head statistics and check fixtures (Playoffs, Months, Full-Listing).

Also, you can get information about (home matches, away matches, etc.) all 706 teams that participated in NCAA, from Abilene Christian to Youngstown State. Among available bet types, you can use Totals, Handicaps, Over/Under, HF/FT, Props, and more.

American Football Betting Tips

American Football has its peculiarities because of specific player roles, fields, rules, and more. These peculiarities should be considered together with odds exploring and teams’ performance comparison.

  • Consider the weather

American Football is an outdoor sport where weather conditions may become a game changer and impact the outcome. Thus, if you decide to bet on American Football, always explore the weather forecast, especially if heavy rain or strong winds are expected.

  • Explore the starting quarterback's performance

The quarterback is the key player in every American Football match. He can directly impact a team's performance. Thus, you should carefully explore his injuries, rating, recent performance, and game style.

  • Teams’ performance in red zone

A team's high efficiency in the red zone can be a decisive element of victory. So, when you enjoy Super Bowl, NCAA, or NFL betting, always take a look at the players who often score touchdowns instead of field goals.

  • Check teams’ penalties and turnovers info

Although everything is quite simple here, many beginners ignore this indicator. As a rule, those teams with the lowest penalty and turnover percentage are more promising.

  • Consider special teams

In American Football, special teams are those players who are responsible for kicking and returning. These players are responsible for creating scoring moments and determining field position.

The tips mentioned above and detailed statistics on our bookmaker can bring you multiple opportunities. Use them together with multiple types of American Football bets to make a successful prediction.